Saturday, December 31, 2016

Beauty from Him

Hi guys! This is Libby. Recently I was traveling with my family in CA, and we saw some gorgeous scenery  near San Luis Reservoir. Here's a sample.
  Isn't that beautiful?
The thing is, Mommy says, a while ago, this reservoir was almost empty. I bet the hills weren't so green then either. Not half as beautiful.
 I thought of it kind of like us. Sometimes, we don't shine with God quite as much as much as we'd want to. Maybe because we're thirsty for God and depriving ourselves from his presence. Maybe cause we have one or a couple sins strangling us. Or whatever.
 But when we turn back to him, he showers us with the fruit of the Spirit and a natural, radiant beauty.  Our beauty is from our joy in Him. People love a beautiful park or yard beautified by man, but isn't it so much more amazing when God does it? It isn't a perfect analogy, but it struck me, and I wanted to share it with you.
P.S. I've been writing a story and I thought perhaps to present parts of it to you all for critique. Would you be interested? 

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