Friday, November 21, 2014

Our Trip Part 1: Virginia

Good day, pleasant readers! This is Marie-Grace. As we promised, I am giving an update on what we did on our trip. I am sorry it is late,  but we (all except Father and Jewel) have been rather sick, and are just getting over it.
 On the first day (October 20) we drove for half the day and reached this lovely house. We took this picture the next morning.
The next night we reached this house in Lexington, KY. This was my favorite house that we stayed in on our trip.
 An interesting fact: I learned while we were here that Lexington is the World's horse capitol or something of that sort and for that reason, the Queen of England keeps many of her horses here. This is one of the pens that is behind their house. The horses were not out at the time, which highly disappointed Libby, who would have loved to say the she had seen the Queen of England's horses!
That night, we reached the house of one of Mother's old friends who lived in Gloucester, Virginia. She did have two girls who became our friends, but they asked not to put any pictures of them on our blog. That night we stayed up talking until nearly midnight. The next day we went to the Nauticus museum and the battleship Wisconsin. Unforgettably, our camera died the minute we reached the museum. Our father took this picture of the battleship. If you want to find out more about this museum, you can go to their website. we have provided a link HERE.
The next day, we went to James town and Historic Jamestowne. I will explain the pictures starting from the picture in the upper left-hand corner and going counterclockwise. 1; This is the famous statue of John Smith at Historic Jamestowne. 2; A man dressed up at the weaponry in Jamestown settlement. 3: Myself scraping at a deer hide in the Indian village at Jamestown settlement. 4: A guard outside James fort. 5: Myself on board of one of the three ship replicas at Jamestown settlement. 6: A costumed man in James fort. 7: The inside of one of the Indian lodges. 8: Myself at the Indian village. 9: Libby sitting in one of the chairs in the officers house at James fort making a statement. 10: A cannon in James fort.
The next day we went to Yorktown, the Yorktown battle field, and Whitley's Peanut Factory. I will be explaining the pictures using the same method as before. 1: View of the farm at the Yorktown victory center. 2: Myself looking at a horn book in the little cabin at the farm. 3: Libby feeling a small pile of beans for no apparent reason. 4: A lady named Sally explaining medicine in that time. I found some of it rather ghastly, but interesting. 5: Some beams of sunlight breaking through the trees at the encampment. 6: Libby looking greedily at a huge lollipop in the gift shop at Yorktown. 7: Our tour guide at the Yorktown battle field, She kept us all interested, even though she talked for nearly an hour! 8: Libby and I at the Yorktown battlefield. 9: The inside of Whitley's Peanut Factory. Libby mentioned that she loved the samples. 
Well, I best be going. We will be telling you more about our trip soon, I'm sure.  Until then,
Have you ever been to any of the places we mentioned?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

We're Back!

 Hi all! It's Libby. As some of you know, Our family has been vacationing in Washington DC for the last three weeks. It was totally awesome! As we have so many pictures to post and things to post about, Marie-Grace and I thought it would be best not to post them all at once but we will instead post them gradually, maybe one at a time, if our day was particularly full. We'll post again soon!