Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall News

 Good day pleasant readers! Hey, all! Today we have four bits of news and we will save the most exciting for the last. 1: Fall is incredibly pretty right now! While in town today, I gathered these great mums at our church and Marie got some pretty fall leaves to press in a book. 2: I am making a new dress for Washington DC. We will probably post about that later. 3: It is only 11 more days till we leave for Washington DC! I can't wait!!!! And 4 (drum roll please):We have found out why Mom and Dad were acting so mysterious (see HERE)! They decided to keep this fact for a surprise. I don't see how they managed! Mom and Dad are going to be foster parents! We are going to be fostering a girl named Jewel, and she is in between Libby and I in age. She lives near DC, so we will pick her up when we go there! Isn't that to cool?! We're getting a ready made sister (for a while)! Oh, Libby.
Have you ever fostered a child?
Have you ever been to Washington DC?