Friday, July 26, 2013

Jubilee's B-day

 Hi,Y'all! So sorry for the lack of posts lately.A few days ago I went to Jubilee's party.
(I wrapped my present really big so Jubilee wouldn't guess what it was.) 
 "This is Rena. She's from my dance class." "Nice to meet you, Rena."I said.
 "Aren't the decorations cute?!"
 Jubilee opening Rena's gift.
" Adorbs! Doll cloths!Thanks, Rena!" "Your welcome."
"Thanks for the sweet card, Libby! I love it!" 
 "This is HUGE!!" "I know."
 Next we ate Cupcakes.
 Yum, Yum!

 Deer , Deer ,Fawn!
 Warmer,                              Warmer,                              HOT!
Hope you had a great day, Jubilee, cause I sure did!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Carderific Day

 Today I went to the house of a very nice lady to make cards.(these are some of her's)
 This is my first one. Not very good,I'll try again.

Not quite my style.(I know Thinking isn't spelled right.) 
 Now that's more my style!

 When I was done this is what I had.
On the way back home, Jubilee called me. I told her about my day."Now all I have to do is send a card to you!" So altogether, my day was simply carderific!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A day at the Thrift Shop.

 Today I went to Second Hand Rose, a small thrift shop near where I live.
This is it.
( The big blue thing is a mattress; I didn't know what it was either.)  

"What a nice Bible! I could really use one!"

"What a pretty trunk! I said."Yes isn't it." replied the store lady.   
"What's this?"I asked. "Oh,I forgot about that. It's a dog coat." she replied.
"A dog coat??!!" "Yes, a dog coat." 

After looking around a bit more,I finally I decided to to buy the dog coat and the Bible.
Caramel loves his new coat, and I love my new Bible.I had a great day at the Thrift Shop.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Great Ice pop Day

 Since I've come back from Colorado,I've been amazingly bored. I had, like, no idea what to do.
 Then........"Of course,how could I have forgotten?"I ran for the phone to call Jubilee.
 "Hello, Jubilee?............Well,it appears that I forgot some ice pops in my freezer............yeah, the whole time we were in Colorado.............Things don't go bad in the freezer,Silly!..........of course I'm inviting you!......Good.....Bye.
 In no time at all Jubilee and I were sitting on a bench swing eating ice pops.
Even though my cousins aren't here and I only have Jubilee,I think that's quite enough.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Last day in Colorado

For my last day in Colorado, my cousins took me to the Alluvial Fan, a pretty waterfall in Rocky Mountain National Park.
First, we had our picnic.  Some chipmunks tried to take our food, but we chased them off.
Then we hiked up to the waterfall to take a group picture.
Next, we waded and somehow dragged Elizabeth in with us.  The water was freezing cold, but since it was hot, it felt nice.
Here is a picture of Chrissa...
...And Elizabeth.
I'm very sad be leaving Colorado and my cousins.  I'll miss them very much.

Friday, July 5, 2013

With my cousins on Friday

On Friday morning we started with breakfast, the headed towards the mountains.  We stopped at this store and looked around a bit.
"IT'S RAINING!!!!????"

After moping around a bit, Elizabeth drove us home.  Chrissa and I invited McKenna to do Play-Dough with us(we were worried what would happen to the Play-Dough if Kit joined).
Our crazy creations!
Soon after we had dinner...
...As did our dogs.
The day didn't turn out as I had planed, but I still had lots of fun.