Saturday, June 20, 2015

Happy Birthday, Libby!

Hi all! Libby here. I am soooooooooooo sorry I haven't written about my birthday before, but, I've been in Aurora for a week and I really didn't have time, But, before I tell you about my awesome day today, I'll skip backward to my Frozen party with our cousins (before they left :( ).
We had a costume party and contest at Nanna's, so everyone came dressed as someone from Frozen.
Olaf was a popular candidate. Here is Kit (left) and Jubilee.
I was the only one who came dressed as Seven, and I think I didn't do a very good job of it (although you are welcome to think otherwise ;).
Soon it was time to open gifts.
From our family, Rissa received some Frozen headphones and a game Jewel made up. We played it after opening gifts, although Jewel kept saying it wasn't that good. I think it was fun.
Chrissa also received this cute snowman pail from the Walkers.
From my cousins, I got this cute Olaf shirt. "Now we can be almost twinsies!" I told Rissa.
Here is a group photo of all of us.
In the Elsa category, Jewel won.
Addy, along with her two-month old baby sister Emily, won in the category of coronation guests.
Kit was awesome as Olaf, so I'm not surprised she won.
Georgia's fab costume won her first place in the Anna category.
On my birthday, the 11th, my Mom and Dad started a new tradition inspired by our cousins. They decided, that on each of our birthdays, one of our presents would be an outfit. This was my birthday outfit for this year.
"This is your main present for this year." said my Mom as Marie-Grace handed me a bag. Dad took this picture, with Jewel photobombing nicely in the background.
"What's this?" I asked, pulling out the above shirt. "Since your gymnastic lessons really never got under way," my Mom said, "We decided to switch to a soccer team, and Marie-Grace can make your old leotard into something for ice-skating." "A soccer team? I get to do soccer? Awesomeness! Thanks so much!" I basically shouted, but hey, I was excited.
Just then, the Walkers dropped by. You might say the dogs had a non-mutual interest in Sarah's cat, Cafe. After putting the dogs outside, Mrs. Walker explained the reason for their visit. "Like I was saying, Grace," said Mrs.Walker to my Mom,"before the dogs decided Cafe was their new chew toy, we just stopped in for a quick visit to wish Libby here a happy birthday. John's watching Emily at home, so we just thought we'd drop by to give Libby her birthday gift." 
And I loved my gifts. Oven-bake clay and a scrapbook which I could put anything I want to in.
So, all around, I had a awesome, awesome birthday.
What do you like to do for your birthday?

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