Thursday, August 29, 2013


Yes, Marie really did choose THE OMAHA ZOO for her turn. Only the BIGGEST ZOO IN THE  WORLD!!!! I was dumbfounded when she told me. But, here we are all the same.That picture was taken in the Desert Dome, the first place we went.

 The World fountain outside the Desert Dome.
 The Desert Dome itself.

 The cool animals inside the Desert Dome. My favorite was the Meerkat!
 All these pictures were taken in the Kingdoms of the Night,which is under the Desert Dome.They include lizards, tree frogs, aardvarks,beavers,fossas,birds, and even an alligator!   
 Next we went back into the Desert Dome, and took more pictures of ducks,and cacti and waterfalls.
 Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!
( The orange tiger's name is Isabella. I just had to say that!)
Next we went to the Lied Jungle. 
 Oh, what a place that was!
 I really liked these cute otters, although I think the monkeys were my favorite.
 We would have taken millions more pictures,I know it,but our camera started to die so we were only able to take a picture of this Blue Morpho Butterfly.
 I was rather moody on the way home knowing that  I'll have to jump into the school year after this.  But when we got home, there was a letter from Rissa waiting!
 I guess life is worth living after all.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fun at Popcorn days

 First of all, I'd like to thank all of you for waiting so patiently for our next post. Today, Liberty thought that it would be great if we both picked something fun to do, to celebrate that I've come home.  Liberty, having won the coin toss, decided on us going to Popcorn days in North Loup. 
While Liberty went to get us some free popcorn, I looked at the beautiful flowers.......
.........such as this lovely yellow rose. My favorite! 

 Next , we met up with Jubilee and her newly adopted sister, Addy. She slid down the slide first,
 then Liberty....... 
 then Jubilee! What fun!
 Then all of us watched a parade, eating some of the free popcorn,provided by Liberty and Addy.

 After the parade,we all sat down to our supper, Tacos for Liberty and I, but only bread for the other two. Apparently, Jubilee forgot to pack her and Addy's dinner.  Regardless, we were enjoying our dinner when...........
 Caramel and Red Ribbon smelled our food! Addy and I simply looked at each other, then helped salvage what food we could. 
 Anyway, we had a lovely day making a new friend,watching the parade, and simply enjoying one another's company. Liberty does not know what I have chosen for my turn, and I think she will be pleasantly surprised.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Marie is Home!!

Yesterday, when I was just minding my own business, I herd Marie calling out to me. As you can guess, I catapulted downstairs to meet her.   
 After greetings, she gave me a new quilt she had made me on the beach.
 "Wow Marie, this is awesome!
 Caramel and Vanilla were happy to see each other too!
                     Having not put Marie's bedding down, I enjoy sleeping with my sister last night. In any case, I'm glad she's home. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Hawaiian Fun Party

 Hi, all you readers! Today, to celebrate that Marie is coming home, I had I party in my sand box with  Caramel.  
 After dancing around for awhile........
 .......Caramel took a fancy to my smoothie.
I told her not to worry,she'd get some shake soon,and also see Vanilla, (Marie's dog,) like I'll see Marie soon! Hurry!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Marie is Coming!

 Hi all! Great news! My sister, Marie-Grace is FINALLY coming home! I'm not sure exactly when, but very, very soon! By the way, these pictures are from  before she left,so they aren't exactly accurate. For one thing, Argos is gone, so now we each have our own dogs. But that is beside the point. I've got to go get ready for her, So, bye for now!!! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fun at the County Fair

 Hi, all! So sorry I haven't been posting. Lounging around after the fair made me realize I hadn't posted about it! I thought you might like an update.

 The first thing I did was look at the cakes for the decorated cake auction This was my favorite.
 This most likely, would have been my Sister, Marie-Grace's favorite.
" This looks like something Marie-Grace would do!"
" There sure are a lot of things going to state fair....,
 ...inculcating one of my pictures! So cool!" 
 My other picture got a blue ribbon. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my update. State Fair, here I come!