Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Great Outing

 Hi all! Libby here. Day before yesterday, we drove down to Aurora.
 "Hey, Sammy! Hey Kris!" I shouted as soon as I came in the door. "Good day, Kristen. Lovely to see you again, Samantha." said my more ladylike sister.
 After a good sleep, we woke to this AMAZ breakfast. 
 While Marie played duets with Kristen..........
 .....Sammy and I played with their immense collection of dolls, giving them goofy names like Big Bad Girl and Jamie the Gentleman and Jamie the Gentleman new and improved. It was fun.
 We took a walk after that but all to soon it was time to say goodbye. 
 Then we moved on to the State Fair. We went immediately to see my poster (I can't stand suspense), and I was giddy for a while once I learned it had got a purple. To see what in the world I am talking about, click HERE.
In the big 4H building, I took a souvenir photo of myself on their thing and sent it to myself. We took one of Marie-Grace too but for some reason it didn't send it to us.

 After finding my poster, we went to this show. Those people are really talented. That must be a fun job.
 In the petting zoo, I found out a few things I had not known before. One being that a zebra's mane is really soft. It looks really bristly, doesn't it?

After that, we saw the McClellan Singing Sisters doing a concert. This was a great surprise because we know them! If you want to learn more about them, you can visit their website at 
 On the way to the Elefun show, Daddy and Marie-Grace decided to ride on this.
 I was freaked out and kept my feet on good firm ground and Mommy bought me a lemonade instead. Thank you Mom!
 The Elephant Show was incredible ! "These are better than the ones at the zoo!" I cried ecstatically, snapping pictures (see HERE ). By the way, the elephant's names are Sidney and Jenny, the girl who is riding them is named Bettina (I'm not sure I spelled that right), and the man giving them the cues is named Bill.

 "Look at those chicks who were just born!" cried Marie-Grace delightedly. "I prefer them like this." I said, starring at the tiny fluff balls. I think it is so cool that those pigs were just born that morning! 

Last but not least, we went to this building (I don't remember it's name). I played this cool game while Marie-Grace looked at the fake waterfall. I totally want this game in our house, it is so much fun!
 So anyway, on this great outing we got inspired, de-stressed, sunburned and happy. Good couple of days.
Have you ever been to the State Fair?
What fun outings have you been on lately?

Monday, August 18, 2014

My new travel journal

Good day, pleasant readers! As you know, my family is going east to Washington DC, Yorktown, Jamestown, and the such in October. I thought perhaps I could make a travel journal to use on the trip as one of my friends did in a similar situation. I will tell you how to so you may make one too, if you wish. 
You will need: 1: An empty notebook, I used a composition book. 2: Colored paper in whatever color you chose. 3: Glue. 4: Magazine clippings to fit your theme. Also a pencil or pen and scissors.
Start by tracing onto your paper the size of your notebook, then cut your paper to the right size, then glue it on.You may have to cut your paper again after you have glued it on.
After that is done, you may arrange your magazine clippings as you like. Then you're done. On my trip, I'm hoping to fill up the entire composition book. I'll certainly tell if I succeed.
Have you ever filled up an entire journal?
Did you (or are you going to) take any trips?

Sunday, August 10, 2014

My new doll

 Hi all! Libby here. Yes, I made a new doll. I don't have American Girl doll Molly and maybe that's God's will, so I made Ida. Marie-Grace said she'd be great company for Maria. You can also try this, if you like.
 As you see, I started off with a normal stick, only trimmed to the size I wanted and cleaned.
 Then I drew a face and added yarn hair. If you wanted to make this with all things from God's outdoors, then you could use dog or cat hair for hair, but I didn't because this was a slight bit easier looking.
 Then, (the most fun part) I made clothes out of flowers. I never thought I'd have fun making a DRESS, but I did. Anyway, I've had great fun playing with her and it doesn't matter if she gets dirty! Yay! 
Have you ever made a doll?
Do you like playing with dolls?

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Captivating County Fair

Good day pleasant readers! Hi all! Libby and Marie-Grace here. A few days ago we had the pleasure of going to the county fair in our area.
The first thing I went to look at was my hummingbird poster, and it is going to the State Fair! Eeeeeeeeee!
 The first thing I went to look at was my cake. And yes, this is a cake. I covered it with fondant. It had got a very good score. At least, one the I was satisfied with.
 Here are some of the other cakes I saw. The green and purple flowered cake was the senior champion as well as being my favorite. Libby liked "the clown cake" best.
 My pie had gotten a blue ribbon. I don't see why! Marie's pies are fab!
At least the judges were smart with her Glazed Lemon Zucchini "cake". It was AMAZ!
Here is the embroidery I put in open class. Also, this Friday, I am putting it in an art show hosted by our church.
We were very happy for our piano teacher when we found her quilt had won first place in open class.
 While Libby looked at some other things, I surveyed the flowers in open class.
"Libby? Do you want to go inspect the animals now? I'm done examining the flowers." "Wow. Marie, isn't this AMAZ? These judges are smart after all."

"Look at the ity, bitty chicken! It's looking right at us!" "I do like ducks." "Doesn't that white one look like a duck in a nursery rhyme book?" "Look at the funny hairdo on that black one! And I used to say your hair looked funny!" 
 I've always wished I could have a rabbit. Me too.
When I was there, I decided all over again: I do not like pigs.
I do like sheep and goats . Our mother used to own goats when she was a little girl.  Does't that sheep on the bottom look like a wrinkled old granny sheep?
I like cows sometimes but not all the time. Fact.  Despite Libby's somewhat dislike of cows, we had a lovely time at the fair.
Have you ever gone to a fair?

P.S. It is now confirmed! We are going to Washington DC sometime in October. I can't wait!