Saturday, April 26, 2014

Returns to the Zoo

 Attention! Very long post. Almost 20 pics. 
I'm very sorry about how late this is in coming. We have really, been trying since Tuesday. Reason being, we got back  about 10:00 Monday night. But anyway, to get on with the post.
 On Easter, (after church) we drove down to Nanna's.  Really Marie, you leave out all the interesting details! Well, we had an Easter egg hunt and I won. Also, WE GOT FROZEN!!!!!! We've watched it twice now.
 Anyway, the next morning ( to early) we drove down to the zoo in Omaha. Here we are near the front.
 First we went to the Lied Jungle. That place is AMAZING and I LOVE taking pics there. 
 Next we went to the butterfly pavilion. That was probably  my favorite place. No butterflies landed on me.
My favorite place was most likely the aquarium. The Japanese what-ever-it-was-called-crab (middle picture on the bottom line) freaked me out, but I LOVED the jellyfish (forth picture on the second till last line).
 At the aquarium gift shop we bought this "sea globe" as Libby calls it.  Well, we can't exactly call it a snow globe!
 After a excellent meal we went to the Desert Dome. My favorite animal there was the Coati (second till last picture).
 Kingdoms of the Night lurks in the basement of the Desert Dome. It was really creepy, but a fun kind of creepy. Excuse the few pictures. The lighting was horrible down there.
 We enjoyed ourselves at the zoo's gift shop. Libby occupied herself looking at a book about sea lions while I bought some memorabilia. It was my deepest woe that I didn't get to see the sea lion training but, at the time of it, we were otherwise occupied.
After going a movie about lemurs, Marie and I went to Gorilla Valley. The gorillas were really cool although they didn't do much besides sleep and sit. There were other thing besides gorillas there too.
 Expedition Madagascar was the next place we went. Finally we get to see these "famous" lemurs. There was also an Aye-Aye there but I couldn't see it because the Aye-Aye was quote "sensitive to light". So it was pitch black? Well, almost. Ugh.
On our way to Bear Canyon we looked over the side of the bridge and this is what we beheld. For a translation, we saw some carp over the side of a bridge. Isn't that fascinating?
Most of the bears were sleeping. The one you see that isn't sleeping is the Sun Bear.
It being close by, we decided to go to the Cat Complex after that. Like at Bear Canyon, most animals here were sleeping. I don't see why not! I felt like sinking down in a patch of shade and going to sleep myself. It was so hot!  
Well, right before we left, we all explored the Orangutan Forrest. By the way, the two snakes you see, they were HUGE! I mean, I could barely believe that that size of a snake would exist but, there it was.
 After leaving the zoo, we had dinner at Cracker Barrel which is by the way, is my favorite restaurant.
A day or so later, while Libby was reading, I came in with special news. "Libby." "Hm." "Libby." "Uh huh." "Libby!" "What is it?" "There's a letter for Chrissa for you." "Really? You're kidding right?" said Libby, paying attention at last.
For an answer, I simply held out my purse.
We very much enjoyed getting letters from our cousins, Chrissa and Elizabeth and of course, going to the zoo.
Have you ever been to the Zoo?
Do you enjoy getting mail?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Addy!

 Good day pleasant readers! Indeed, today was Addy's Birthday. She decided to have a tea party. It was lovely. 

 Libby was excited about her petit four (a small cake), but not her tea.
 We were all excited about the homemade strawberry ice cream. Addy's mother make it.
 After we finished eating, Addy was ready to open her gifts.
 One of the main things we said in our card was that her present would be coming in the mail.
Jubilee gave her a sparkling angel pin. Isn't it beautiful?
Said Addy: "It has been a wonderful birthday."
Said I: "I'm so glad I have you for my friend. You are a real blessing."
What do you do for your birthday?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Fools!

 Hi everyone! It's Libby. Most of you probably know that yesterday was April Fools Day. Well, I didn't plan on celebrating this holiday barely at all. But,you never can tell.
 So, I was just at home, playing on my phone, (you see, Marie-Grace was over at the Walkers for the day ) so I had just about nothing to do. It was weird, because once I thought I herd someone coming in, but when I looked up and called I didn't see or hear a thing.
 After oh, I don't know, about a half hour, I herd the door slam and my friend Liz Miller shout: "Hey Libby! You in here? Is it all right if I come in and play with you? I've got two free hours!" I looked up in surprise. "All, right, I guess. But first, can I finish this game?" "Don't mind!" said Liz plopping down to pet the dogs.
  In about two minuets I hopped down and said: "So, have any idea what you want to do or did you just-" I stopped short both in body and words. "Liz, why can't I walk anywhere?"
 Liz was snickering. I twisted about and started laughing myself. My ankles were tied to the rungs of the bunk bed ladder with string! It was so funny looking I couldn't stop giggling!

 Liz assisted in the uniting processes. While uniting me explained that she had been the person coming in earlier. "I wanted to prove that when you're on your phone it's exactly as if you're asleep! I did it too!"
 Then, while Liz looked at "Gigglets" I played a trick on her.
 I stuffed the toes of her shoes with tissue paper!
 "Hey Liz, let's go outside!" Liz looked up, surprised, then said dubiously: "It's kind of cold." You can wear Marie's coat and it's not all that cold, come on Liz, it'll be fun!" I replied, all in one breath.  "All right" she said, still looking at me a little strangely.
 When she was ready to get on her shoes, I tried desperately  to get her attention. "Look Liz, I can do the splits! Well, kind of."  "That's cool Libby, really cool. Hey, do you know why my shoes won't get on?"
 Then, finding the stuff in her shoes said: "Libby, you had something to do with this, didn't you?"
 Then, like Liz, I started laughing hysterically while Liz pulled tissue paper from her shoes. "You know, I'd still like to go outside." I said. Liz agreed, and so out we went.
 "So," said Liz, once we were outside, "anything special you wanted to do outside?" " Let's just, uh, walk  around a little." 
 So we walked and walked and walked until we finally walked around a tree and beheld this strange sight.
 "Libby, I know those are marshmallows." proclaimed Liz in a slightly exasperated tone. "So they are!" I said, a wee bit disappointed that she had figured it out so quickly. "Let's eat them!"
 "Hey, Libby," "What?" I asked, turning to face her while swallowing my last marshmallow. "Libby, I think you just eat a bug." I stared at her for about 20 seconds then started talking. "What! Why didn't you tell me?! I am not accustomed to eating bugs and I did not exactly want to start today! What kind of bug do you think it was anyway?" But Liz was laughing. "Libby, calm down! It was a joke! An April fools day joke!" In about 5 seconds, I was laughing too! "You really got me there Liz! I guess now we're even now aren't we?"
 Later we thought to shake on it.
 Now I think unexpected visits and jokes are so much fun!! What about you?
Do you like jokes and unexpected visits?