Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kaya, Our New Friend

 Hi all! Libby here. Today, Marie-Grace and I got to meet another home school girl by the name of Kaya. She's really fun and energetic with an independent sense of style.
 When we first got to her house, she showed us her duck, named Cow. Then we played hotel on her home-made playground. I pretend I was a maid, named Pansy. That was tons of fun, but unfortunately we forgot to take pictures. Sadness.

Marie-Grace describes her as being: "very sweet, charming and  independent."
 I LOVE making new friends and Kaya is great! I can't wait to play with her again!
When did you last make a new friend?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A fascinating trip to Fort Hartsuff

 Good day pleasant readers! I am extremely sorry for the great amount of pictures. Although yesterday was "fascinating" I must first tell you about the day before.
 So, I was practicing  a quite difficult song on the piano called "La Zingana" when I suddenly found it quite difficult to practice, Liberty having burst into the room singing "For the First Time in Forever" from Frozen: "The window is open, so's that door! I didn't know they did that anymore! Who knew we owned eight thousand salad plants?!" 
"Liberty, please, I'm attempting to practice." "Okay, can you just please stop being so responsible for a minute?" "And why, may I ask?" 
"Because, I've got a letter from Rissa and Elizabeth! Eeeeeeeeeeee!" "Well, I best finish my piano before I read my letter." 
"Whatever you want, Marie-the-to-responsible!" exclaimed Liberty, sitting down to read her letter.
I however, waited, as I said I would, until I finished practicing.
Yesterday, we had the wonderful opportunity to visit Fort Hartsuff, a museum/fort in our local area. This is the soldier's barracks.   
I stopped by one of the beds thoughtfully."Imagine living like this. They didn't a lot of comfort, did they?"  "I don't want to imagine it." said Libby.
The dinning room for the soldiers.
"That's not a very large amount of dishes." I commented. "Less to wash."said my Sister. 
I find it hard to imagine cooking on a strove like that! 
Liberty reading "The Cook's Creed.
One of sitting rooms in the officer's house.
Before noticing this sign, Libby was seating herself to play.
If there had been food at this table, I think both my Sister and I would have sat down to eat-it looked quite inviting.
"I would not want to push around that all day!" Liberty said emphatically, as soon as she spotted this pram. 
A bed in the nursery of the officer's house that Liberty "would not want to sleep on!"
This was probably my favorite room in that house. 
The heating system of the day.
The  view from the lovely front porch. 
There was a large group of other children there. "Public schoolers. They don't know what they're missing." said Libby
The interesting underside of the porch roof.
The commanding officer's house was closed.

The outside of the doctor's office. 
This is the first room. Liberty almost screamed before she realized that man was fake.
This display showed the medicines of the day.
The display showing the tools of the day.
After the doctor's office we made our way to a large warehouse. This was one of the small rooms in it.
It was rather startling  to see this hole with plastic over it. Though this "window" we could see into the cellar.
One of the things this warehouse stored was carriages.
This is the laundress' quarters. I thought it looked a bit more like a home than the others.
The workroom and dinning room in the laundress' quarters.
This is the cupboard that the baker would keep the bread in when it was rising.
I am glad I do not have to use an oven like this one when I am baking bread.
The blacksmith's shop.
Here I am, sitting on a side-saddle in the saddle room of the carriage house.
One of the stalls in the carriage house.
After that, we went back to the baker's to watch a five-minute video.
In the guard house.

Upon seeing the above sign, Liberty immediately walked up to the small window and called out:"Hello? Is anyone in there?'
The cells in which they would keep intoxicated individuals.
Before leaving the guardhouse, Liberty ran into the cell, waving her arms and shouting: "Let me out! Let me out!"
Next, we had the lovely opportunity to ride in a covered wagon.
A lady also rode beside the wagon on her horse, Speckles.
The view from the wagon.

The horses' names were Sand Dune and Missy.
Liberty wanted very much to buy some candy at the store, but she had spent all her money.
Then we discovered a small barber shop at the back of the soldier's barracks.
When we went into the officer's house again, we were happy to met a friend of ours named Sagie Kremke. 
An interesting contraption, apparently used for hiding things.
Out in the garden behind the house.

A trip to Fort Hartsuff was rather like looking into the past. Thank you for looking at all of our many pictures and reading everything we wrote.
Have you ever been to an old fort?