Saturday, November 30, 2013

Our Thanksgiving

 Hi! This is Libby. And this is Marie Grace. We decided that on holidays and  occasions we would both write the posts. I in pink. And me in orange. Anyway, to get on with the post.
 For Thanksgiving, Jubilee, Addy, Libby and I drove down to Aurora to see Kristen and Samantha. 
 After a quick lunch, we all watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and The Mayflower Voyage.
 Very soon after the movie, we got to Skype with our cousins, Carissa and Elizabeth. You mean Fruzzies. I  Skyped with Rissa for the longest time.
 I talked with Elizabeth for a long time as well. All the way to dinner, in fact.
 Right before dinner, we were all asked to say three things we were thankful to God for. Comically, Samantha said: "Family, Friends, and Food!" I really liked that.
 I said; " My Cousins, Good books, and an Imagination."
 I also liked what Jubilee said. "I'm thankful for comfortable clothes, cake, and my dog, Red Ribbon."  She explained later that Addy had  made her wear a fancy dress, since it was a holiday.
 Kristen proclaimed that the things she was most thankful for was their new bench, fall, and that they could all be there.
 Addy said,  "Good food, friends, and God's grace."
 I said, "Movies, unnecessary cute things, and - " reaching down to pet my dog, " I'm thankful for Caramel."
 After that, we had our lovely diner of turkey, stuffing, bunt cake and-
 Pumpkin Pie! Yay!
 The next morning we got up at 5:30 (ugh)  and went to Grand Island for the Black Friday Sale. I took a few photos in Menard's. I got a few Christmas presents. Hmmm.....
 When we got back to Kristen and Samantha's house, we had some lovely Hot Cocoa. Soon, however, it was time to go home. As we began the long drive home, I thought we had never had such a lovely Thanksgiving. I couldn't agree more! What did you do for Thanksgiving?

Friday, November 22, 2013

My Birthday

 I had a wonderful birthday. Even better than expected. Now I know that Libby planed it that way, but at the time I didn't suspect a thing. But I know I've kept you waiting, so I'll get on with my accounting.
 Early in the morning, my sweet sister brought me breakfast in bed.
 Along with it came a card.
 Soon after I finished dressing and doing my hair I herd a shout from the kitchen."Marie!" Libby bellowed from the bottom of the stairs, "We're all out of onion powder. Could you go buy some?" I felt rather glum, but off I went anyway. Libby seemed  extremely determined to get me out of the house. On my birthday too!
 Next I stopped at a craft show called Candy Cane Lane. I was none too eager to return back home, and besides that, I found the craft show quite fascinating. So when I finally did return home, I was amazed by what I found.
 The house had been decorated, my favorite chair was full of presents, and my favorite color (pink) was everywhere.
 A moment later Addy, Libby, Jubilee and Liz emerged from their hiding places (some more gently than others) with cries of "Happy Birthday!" and "Surprise!"  I was absolutely astonished.
 After that we played a few games that no one bothered to take photos of. I did take a moment, however, to pose and show you my new skirt .  Isn't it pretty?
 Next, we had a lovely cake that Libby made herself.
 After cake I opened presents.
 This fun poster was a present from Jubilee.
 Liz had heard that I liked sewing and gave me some lovely fabric.  How considerate!
 Next, I read a card from Addy and Jubilee,
 opened the gift to reveal a pretty purse...
 and at Addy's instruction, opened the purse to find a handful of money.  I certainly appreciated that gift!
 All this time, Liberty had been waiting impatiently.  Now she cried out, throwing out her arms, "Open mine!  I've been waiting forever!"  Laughing, I opened her gift and was delighted with what I found.
 I've wanted ice-skates for months now and I have no idea how Libby found out.
 At the bottom of the box, I also found a suit to wear with my new skates.
 Lastly, we took a group photo.
 Then I handed out balloons to the guests as they went out the door.
 Liberty and I spent the whole next day with some friends, Kirsten and Samantha.  So, altogether, I had an absolutely wonderful birthday!  Do you spend your birthday with friends or family? Have you ever had a surprise party?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Guess What?

Hi all! I'm organizing a surprise party for Marie! Her birthday is on Saturday and while I was wrapping her present, I thought I should let you know. What am I giving her? Find out on Saturday!
Bye for Now!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Our Halloween

 Hello lovely Readers! I know this post is very late in coming, but I thought you still might like to know  about our Halloween. Perhaps you don't know, Liberty and I don't celebrate Halloween. Instead we had a prayer and praise time at our house.
 This is something of an unimportant detail, but we had our first frost that morning.
"You see,"I explained to Addy about our pumpkin, "this pumpkin is like our life after we receive Jesus.  He cleans out the bad things in our lives and gives us joy.  Then he gives us a light to tell others about him."
 Meanwhile, I could hear Liberty telling Jubilee about the new pictures on our wall.
 We decided that instead of pictures of things like decomposed bodies, monsters or haunted mansions we have pictures of angels, the new heavenly bodies we'll get when we die, heroes of the faith and the mansion Jesus is preparing for us in heaven.
 Just as we were starting to sing some songs and Jubilee was turning cartwheels, 
we heard a knock at the door.
 I answered the door to find a girl about our age standing there.  "I'm guessing you're not handing out candy."  "No," I replied, "we're having a prayer and praise service.  Would you like to join us?"  "Well, I guess so," she answered.  "Trick or treating has been kind of boring anyway."
 She came in and Liberty explained to her about our pumpkin.
 And I showed her our our new pictures.
 "You go to church on Sundays, right?" she asked.  "Yes," I replied turning to look at her.  "Why?"  "Well," said Lizzy (her name as we found out later), "I think... just maybe...I might want to go there someday."
Now, I don't know what you did on Halloween, or what you believe in. However, feel free to think and comment what you like. I won't be as Libby says, "Offended". Well, bye for now!