Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A meal worth having

 Good day pleasant readers! Now, do not think that by this title I mean to brag in any way, for it was I who made my family's lunch yesterday.
 Late this morning, I was reading my history, (and I was almost done I might add), when I herd mother calling me.
 "Marie-grace, would you be willing to make lunch?" "I, Mother?" I asked in surprise, laying down my book,"I've never made a full meal before." "I think you can do it." Mother replied. "All right." I agreed somewhat uncertainly.
 By the way, if you have been wondering were Libby was, she had been invited to spend the morning at Jubilee"s. This was the only picture they bothered to take.
I decided to make spaghetti and muffins. It was harder than I expected.
I did it though!
I'm sad to say, after the food was finished I became rather impatient, waiting for lunchtime. Mother suggested I set the table, centerpiece and all. I had a marvelous time.
When Libby came home, she was surprised to hear I had made lunch. Glancing at the table however, she recoiled. "Wait, is that tea?" Marie, you know I don't drink that." Then she brightened, having noted the smoothie at her place.
Immediately after praying, Libby dug in. "Hey," she exclaimed with her mouth full,"this is really good!"
"Oh, Libby," I laughed , a slight bit shocked at her table manners,"Well, it's time for the second course ." "You're kidding me."said Libby turning towards me. "No".
However, when I served the Warm and Spicy Pumpkin Muffins, Libby made no complaint. In fact, quite on the contrary. "Wow, these are delish!"
"Goodness, Libby." I said, buttering a muffin, "they can't be that good."
"Of course they are!" said Libby, helping herself a second muffin and taking a bite.
"Alright, you two, it's time for the third course." said Mother, standing up. "I didn't prepare a third course." I said, looking up quickly. "I did." she replied, disappearing into the Kitchen.
She soon returned with chocolate  ice cream. What a perfect ending to a perfect meal! 
Do you Like Cooking?

Friday, January 24, 2014

A great day

 Hi all! A few days ago, ( on Tuesday as a matter of fact, ) Marie and I went down to Aurora to see our good friend Samantha. Her sister Kristen was uh, somewhere else. We left at a little after five in the morning (ugh) to drove down there.
 This is the view from the back porch.
 After finishing our school work, we had tacos for lunch. So delish!
 With peanut brittle for desert! Marie and I don't have desert very often, so this was a real treat!
 Marie showed Samantha the ice states she had gotten for her birthday, ( see HERE )..............
 ...............and Samantha showed us a new book she had gotten for Christmas.
 After that we played old maid with some cards I got for Christmas. Marie-Grace won. So unfair!
 Then, while I a played with a little puzzle I had gotten as a prize in Sunday School, Marie showed Samantha her doll, Maria, and the clothes she had made for it.
 " and I think she's soooooo pretty and I love the clothes you made for her!" "Yes, I would have to agree, she's very beautiful." "Oh! I have the Perfect idea! You could take her outside for a photo shot! Even though it's a bit cold, you could work around that." "Yes, that's a lovely idea, I'll do that now."
 Here is the pictures she took.

 Soon after this last photo shot, it was time to go. After a goodbye to Samantha, we were on our way. Here are some sunset photos Marie took on the way back. Aren't they pretty?
 Once we Finally got home there was another special treat waiting for us. A movie!
 With Popcorn!
We watched "The Sound of Music"! Here are a few pictures we took. And yes, I know they're blurry.
What do you consider "A great day"?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Our day at the Library

 Hi all! It's Libby. Yesterday Marie and I (with our parents, of course,) went into town to drop off some library books and get more. Now, I don't know about you, but I love to read. This week, I checked out four chapter books.
 Here's what I saw when I first walked in.
 Look at all the books!
 Marie-Grace soon settled down with a novel  about an Amish family called "The Whispering Brook Farm"series.
 I however, wanted something different.
 Passing one shelf, I remembered how much I had liked "A Week in the Woods" by Andrew Clements. See HERE. I checked out three of his books.
 After flipping though "Ellen Tebbits " by Beverly Cleary, I decided to check that out to.
Just for fun, I piled up a whole lot of kid's books.
After checking out our books, Marie and I decided to walk down to a thrift shop near the Library.
Here I am!
As soon as we got there, Marie went straight to the fabric (of course)!
I however, wanted to look around a bit.
Isn't this Teddy Bear adorable? I love stuffed animals.
Do you enjoy going to the Library?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Under Drake's Flag

 Good evening pleasant  readers! Our family has just finished listening to an audio drama called "Under Drake's Flag" To see a two minute video about these CDs click here . I best be going! 

Monday, January 13, 2014

A fun day with Saige and Alexandera

 Hi all! Libby here. You might have observed in our last post the possibility of some friends coming over. If you didn't notice this, HERE is the link. Anyway, the original girl we were expecting got sick so only her friends Saige and Alexandera Kremke could come. Alexandera's twin sister Jasmine was unable to come.
 They were to arrive a bit after 9:00 am on Saturday morning. It was so hard to wait till then!
 We had also invited Liz Miller, a new friend of ours. ( to find out how we met Liz, click HERE .) She arrived early. " Lovely to see you again, Liz. " said Marie-Grace warmly. " Hey, I like your dress." I welcomed her, " It's very, um, funky."
 Next, Alexandera and Saige walked in our door. "Hi!" I greeted them, " I'm Libby!" "Hi." they said together, then we all laughed.
 Then in came Jubilee Walker, followed by her older sister, Addy. Jubilee is my BFF.
Caramel was very excited with so many  people there.
 There certainly was a lot of us! I thought it was time for a game.
 We decided to play musical chairs, with the girls as the chairs. Jubilee and Liz won that.
 After that, we played a fun game that I will explain the rules to. There is one person in the middle, while the others sit in a circle around that person. The person in the middle points to a random person in the circle and says a word that they must think up a rhyme to before the person in the middle counts to ten. The thing is, the person in the middle can count to ten as fast as they want. If the person can't think up a rhyme before the person in the middle counts to ten, they are the next person in the middle.
 That was great fun.
 Before they had to leave, Saige, Addy, Marie-Grace, and I took a walk around our property. It was nice and warm, so we didn't need our coats. Saige took hers anyway. She said she was used to wearing it.
 We all took some individual photos of each other. First Saige........
...... then Marie-Grace......
..... then Addy.............
.... and last but definitely not lest was me. I really enjoyed spending time with the Kremkes.
When was the last time you made a new friend?