Monday, September 8, 2014

To Lake Calamus!

 Good day, pleasant readers! Indeed, my sister and I enjoyed our church's annual picnic at this lovely lake. 
 Here is what we beheld when we first stepped from our car. "That would be lovely to paint," I murmured to myself, "perhaps I shall." Libby started immediately to bound towards to water, but I stopped her, saying, "Don't forget, Mother said we should not swim until we have eaten." "Oh. Yeah." 
 Until dinner, I busied myself picking a bouquet of wild flowers for Mother.......................
 ...................while Libby tried to take a picture of the pelican that had been roaming around. She apologizes for the quality of the photo.
 After a sensational dinner, Libby dashed to the water.
 She floated on her back.............
 ..................and clung to a log, paddling.
 Then, after she was almost numb and shivering, she emerged from the water and scratched her name in the sand.
 I meanwhile, had only swum a little and had been busy taking pictures and making this sand sculpture, (it is a turtle, if you cannot tell). 
 We would have taken many more photos, but something had happened to our camera so we could not (we have settled the problem now). We took this photos on someone else's camera. This may not be the sea, but it is a marvelous substitute for us.
Do you have a "substitute" ocean?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back to school

 Good day, pleasant readers! Hi.  Being home schooled, we didn't start schooling till today. Summer has been lovely, although I find it nice to start school again. I don't! I wish we could have vacation all year long! By the way, those are my books in the picture. Well, not the history book on the bottom.  Off topic, Mom and Dad have been acting awfully mysterious lately. Not letting us see the mail, finishing up strange calls as soon as we enter the room, buying things they won't let us see- Yes, well, I don't think that's a necessary topic, is it Libby? What do you think they're doing? Libby. Anyway, we were very excited (or not so excited) to start our first day of school!
When did you start school?