Friday, March 3, 2017

Beauty and the Beast-Shocking, but not Surprising

 I don't know about you all, but when I get obsessed with something, I get very fully obsessed. With Disney's new Beauty and the Beast, I almost memorized every trailer and clip Disney released, I watched many interviews with the cast, and had hour-long phone conversations about it; just obsessing.
 And now this...
 I suppose by now many of you have heard the news about this movie;One of the characters. Lefou, will be gay.
 I know it isn't really a big deal for some people. I know some people will enjoy this movie as much as Cinderella a few years ago. Some will turn a deaf ear to this situation. After all, we've learned to ignore the feminist undertones of movies like Brave, haven't we?
 Ignore, or accept it as normal? Isn't that just what they're going for anyway? Us thinking, "This is normal, this is okay?"
 And even if we'd never think this,what about all the kids going to see this movie? I know a mother, who can't, in good conscience, bring her little girl to Beauty and the Beast. Children are so trusting. Little kids, going to this movie, will probably do just what they wanted;accept this as normal and okay.
 I guess what makes me sad is that Disney has been making such good movies lately. I thought I knew that they had a main purpose; to give us sweet, wholesome movies that kids as well as their parents would enjoy.
 And perhaps that is still their main purpose. But now, it's like we've seen a little agenda they have going. It's like they're trying to feed us the "this is okay, this is normal" message, under the cover of a very sweet, very beautiful movie. It's just another place I can't trust anymore.
 Now, I not damning this movie. I'm not saying you shouldn't go see it. I have yet to decide if i'm still going. I'm just trying to warn you. Do what your conscience calls for.
And please, let me know your thought on the movie below.
Should Christians go to it?

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