Saturday, December 14, 2013

Home alone

 Hello lovely readers! It is true, that a few days ago Liberty and I were left at home while mother and father went to a meeting.
 As soon as I finished my schoolwork, I settled down with a good book.
 Libby however, was not so easily satisfied. First, she tried to call and talk to our cousins who live in Florida.
 After  two tries, Libby decided to practice her cartwheels. As you see, Caramel wasn't much of a help. Finally, she sat down, dejected.
 "Why don't we watch a movie?" I suggested, wanting to cheer her up. "That's a great idea!" Libby exclaimed.
 Very soon, we were huddled in Libby's old quilt before the T.V.
 We decided on watching Narnia, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. Just in case you are not familiar with this story I will give you a summery. Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy are sent to the country because of the bombing raids on London.
 In the house were they are staying Lucy finds a magical land inside a wardrobe.
 Although it is summer in England, it is winter in this new land.
 She learns from a faun that it is always winter in Narnia. Because of the White Witch. The White Witch commanded this faun, named Tumnus,to turn over to her any human he found, so she could kill it. Mr. Tumnus decides not to turn Lucy in, even though there could be consequences for him. Later, all of the children get in.
 While we watched Libby and I eat some sweet things. I eat  a candy cane.
 Libby eat some of the gum she had got in her boot (See last post).
 Edmund having decided to betray them, goes to the White Which's castle. She is not as friendly as when he last saw her.
 Meanwhile, Peter, Susan, and Lucy have gone to  The King, Aslan and are now staying at his camp.
 To save his sisters Peter kills a wolf and Aslan knights him.
 The next morning, Edmund is back. They all decide  to stay and help free the Narnians from the White Witch.
 They have to practice.
 A lot.
 Then the White Witch demands a meeting with Aslan. She make it clear that  traitors belong to her, and that Edmund will die.
 Aslan says he will sacrifice himself to save Edmund.
 So that very night, the White Witch kills Aslan on the stone table.
 Peter and his Army faces the Witch alone.
 The Army.
 The Witch in her chariot.
 The Witch's general, Otmin.
 Aslan comes back to life and saves them.  Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy become Kings and Queens of Narnia. This movie is a family favorite. Perhaps you see why. 
Do you like watching movies?
Have you ever been home alone?

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